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  • Ask your vet to get a referral

Your vet will get in touch with us and then an efficient case transfer will follow. We usually see urgent cases within 24 hours and there is rarely a waiting time of more than a few days for other cases. See the section for owners on this web-site, subsection “fact sheets”. The top fact sheet is called “joining instructions” and should be a mine of useful information for you including directions, contact details, guidelines on patient preparation for general anaesthetic, guidance on financial and insurance matters etc.We can post, email or fax this fact sheet out to you on request.

See our FAQs which answer many common questions.

For some procedures we may be able to come to your own vet’s practice and do the surgery there.

old lady dogThis can save you and your pet the hassle of travelling, although costs will almost always be higher because of the inherent inefficiencies involved in us travelling, meaning that we do fewer procedures per day.

Referral is a part of the British veterinary culture and vets recognise that it is a client’s right to ask for a second opinion.

The scope of veterinary knowledge is too vast for one practice to be able to do everything or to provide every service.

It is a sign of good judgment when a practice knows to pass a case to others.

While our surgical and medical investigation services are very wide ranging, borne of years of experience, there are occasional cases that we will advise are redirected on to specialists in a given field.

For more information please feel free to get in touch.