• Soft tissue sarcoma of the tail

A 12-year female Border Collie presented at West Midlands Veterinary Referrals with a massive (>2kg) soft tissue mass over the right rump. This was believed to be a soft tissue sarcoma that had grown over a few years. It was removed with reductive intent rather than curative intent.

Histopathology reported it as:  Intermediate grade soft tissue sarcoma. Deep invasion into the muscle is not noted, though tumour extended to the tissue margins as expected.

Regrowth is expected, but we’ve bought her some time.

soft tissue sarcoma1    soft tissue sarcoma2       

After excision, it’s a question of putting the skin back together in the most cosmetic and tension free way.

soft tissue sarcoma3    soft tissue sarcoma5    soft tissue sarcoma6    soft tissue sarcoma7