• West Midlands Veterinary Referrals Facilities

Our surgical suite at Burton-Upon- Trent was purpose-built and has four operating theatres, six consulting rooms, two radiography rooms, a CT room and space for an MRI in the future. Our dog kennels can house 20 patients, and our separate cattery can house up to 10 cats.



At West Midlands Referrals, we have advanced imaging with 64-slice CT, colour flow Doppler ultrasonography, and digital radiography with both DR and CR machines.

We use NOMAD hand-held generators for taking easy conscious follow-up and check radiographs and for inter-operative radiography without the need to move the patient.  

MRI scans, when required, are currently sourced off-site, but we have a room ready for MRI in the future when we can afford one!

Surgical Tools

vets imageWe are equipped with a comprehensive range of surgical tools and implants, including air-driven burs, saws, reamers and drills, a surgical laser, and suction and diathermy equipment.

We have a hip replacement (Kyon and Biometrix) and elbow replacement (Sirrius) systems.

Our orthopaedic fixation systems are comprehensive, including 2mm, 2.4mm, 2.7mm and 3.5mm monoaxial and polyaxial locking systems; 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.4mm, 2.7mm, 3.5mm and 4.5mm DCP plating systems; SK/KE-Plus and ring external fixation systems, and interlocking nails.

We are equipped for arthroscopy (Storz 2.4mm and 1.9mm and shaver) and endoscopy (Storz video endoscopy, plus Olympus standard and paediatric fibre-optic endoscopes) with a range of tools for biospy and grapsing.

We have a range of surgical staplers that are especially useful for lung and liver lobectomy.

Rehabilitation Equipment

Other notable equipment includes a class 4 laser and a Sonivet ultrasonic machine for rehabilitation use.

Our fixed prices and quotes include repeat radiography of the surgical site with an unlimited number of exposures on an unlimited number of days.

Monitoring Equipment

monitoring equipmentWe have comprehensive multi-parameter patient monitoring equipment allowing capnography, pulse oximetry and monitoring of ECG, blood pressure, and core temperature in theatres, in the prep room, imaging rooms and kennels.

We have multiple HotDog patient warming systems, enriched oxygen cages and other means of delivering supplemental oxygen to selected cases.


We do in-house biochemistry, haematology and urinalysis. We do some in-house microscopy, but most cytology and histopathology is carried out externally with results available in a few days.

We use the services of specialist oncology and chemotherapy service, Chemopet (http://www.chemopet.co.uk/), where medical and surgical treatment of oncology cases is required.

Our ethos is continuity of veterinary and nursing care, pre-operatively, peri-operatively and post-operatively.

We employ mostly experienced Registered Veterinary Nurses (15 at the last count!) to ensure excellent patient supervision and care. The nursing team includes a handful of student nurses and Veterinary Care / Pet Care auxiliaries. We provide close veterinary supervision for inpatients through the night when this is required, without the need for owners to transport pets.

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