• Ridgestop in a cat with patella luxation

Ridgestop involves using a synthetic rim to build up the side of the groove over which the patella is slipping. The synthetic rim is held in place with screws. Most of the Ridgestop implants (designed for dogs) use three 2.7mm screws. The smallest size uses two screws. Instead of 2.7mm screws we used 2.4mm screws in Yoda.

Yoda is two years old and had a left patella luxation dealt with by older surgical techniques last year, long before Ridgestop was available. The left-side procedure went well, but it was a very stressful time for the owner who worried alot about the possibility of failure. When the right side recently became problematic, we suggested that Ridgestop, although designed and marketed with dogs in mind, might be well worth considering as it avoids many of the risks involved in the other techniques.

Our understanding (communication with Orthomed, the makers of the implants) is that the first cat that had a Ridgestop placed by an RCVS specialist did well. It is early days for Yoda, but indications are that Yoda is also doing very well on the recently operated right side.

2nd August 2014