• Mass found by chance at routine check up, and removed from caudal abdomen of dog

So the owner had a hard choice to make – surgery on a dog that was apparently currently healthy with the very real risk of serious hand life-threatening haemorrhage complications on the operating table, or leave things as they were and accept that their pet’s life expectancy was now likely to be measured in months.

They went for surgery with us at West Midlands Referrals




. The surgery was tricky and required repair of one of the major internal veins – the right external iliac vein – but all went well and Nathan recovered uneventfully.

Follow up chemotherapy might be considered, but this needs to be pondered carefully as there are young children in the house.

Follow up scans and possibly CT might well be contemplated to look for regrowth. The likely time for any regrowth is uncertain, but a couple of years might be a reasonable guess. Two years is a long time when you’re a dog!

24th March 2016