• Spontaneous resolution of a plasmacytoma in the mouth

The mass had grown substantially in the weeks before we saw the case and was crossing the midline, so even without achieving substantial margins of excision, about ¾ of the hard palate would have needed resecting. We discussed with the owner the need for feeding tubes post-op, the risk of dehiscence (wound breakdown) and the risk of peri-operative haemorrhage. The owner needed to be comfortable with these risks and whatever dscision they came to, and not be worried that they might regret their decision in a few weeks.

After pondering their options – unfortunately they were very much caught between a rock and a hard place – they decided to leave surgery.

But you know the Gods are smilling when this happens: Spontaneous resolution of the plasmacytoma! The dates of the photos have been confirmed as accurate!

Way to go Romeo!

1st November 2018


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