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Endoscopic removal of foreign bodies from bronchi

Chris joined our team in 2019 and we’ve been pretty impressed with his skills with an endoscope! He has removed a number of grass seeds from secondary and tertiary bronchi. These cases usually present with chronic coughs and sometimes signs of grumbling infection and fever. The trachea divides into two primary bronchi. These then divide...

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West Midlands Referral COVID-19 Update June 1st

1st June 2020 Update As lockdown eases and we start to do more “routine” work, we intend to keep certain measures in place for the foreseeable future to protect both our staff and clients, and to minimise the risk of any potential closure due to an outbreak on site. To reduce travel/face-to-face contact, we intend...

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We join the Linnaeus group

West Midlands Referrals has recently joined the Linnaeus group. We’ve done this because it has become increasingly hard for independent referral practices to operate within the veterinary market place, where the ownership of general practices is ever-more dominated by corporate ownership. We chose Linnaeus to be our “big brother in the play ground” because that...

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New vet joins the team

Welcome to Chris Lancelott who joins our surgical team from October 2019. Chris did a degree in imaging before his veterinary studies and we hope that our endoscopy and imaging services will expand with him on...

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3 Virtual imagery helped visualise the plans

Our new hospital is now open!

We are now open at our new hospital, right by the Barton Turn on the A38, just south of Burton On Trent and about 6 miles north of our old location at Lichfield. Our first day at our new premises was Monday...

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