Case Studies: Soft Tissue Surgery


Lucy, a 6y female Border Collie presented with worryingly low glucose levels, caused by an insulinoma, a tumour of the pancreas. The pancreas has two main jobs – it produces enzymes to be delivered to the gastro-intestinal tract to digest food, and it produces hormones insulin which controls blood sugar. Insulin moves glucose from blood...

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Massive palate defect closed

Louis, a 1year old Springer Spaniel presented with a massive palate defect. We are frankly amazed that he had managed to survive puppy hood. Drinking milk is no easy task when you can’t make a seal in your mouth to suck. And if you can, defects like this often end up with milk going “down...

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Endoscopic removal of foreign bodies from bronchi

Chris joined our team in 2019 and we’ve been pretty impressed with his skills with an endoscope! He has removed a number of grass seeds from secondary and tertiary bronchi. These cases usually present with chronic coughs and sometimes signs of grumbling infection and fever. The trachea divides into two primary bronchi. These then divide...

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Urethral prolapse in a male dog

A 7 year old neutered male Staffie presented with urethral prolapse which was resected and sutured around a catheter. The catheter was then removed. The prognosis is generally very good for these...

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Wickett, an elderly cat had had progressive constipation and was needing enemas every 2-3 weeks. We removed the lion’s share of his colon and he’s at home now recuperating. Early indications are good, those these surgeries do carry a significant perioperative mortality rate. The colon is simply a water reabsorption and faecal storage system, so...

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